The Future is Bright for Direct Mail Inserts

The role of direct mail inserts has certainly changed but inserts remain a key part in today’s multi channel marketing mix. Here at ADM we continue to see our mail order and membership organisation clients take full advantage of their benefits. Inserts are now being used proactively and in a more defined and targeted way.

The benefits of including inserts

Membership organisations and subscription magazines can certainly generate income by using third party inserts which helps to cover campaign costs.  Inserts can now be targeted to regional as well as postcode level. In-house inserts can also include notifications of forthcoming events such as an AGM, raffle tickets or member handbooks. This increases member engagement and is seen to offer value for money.

We see mail order companies and retailers using inserts selectively. They include vouchers, samples and additional brochures. They are also used for high value customers where a more prestigious brochure, an invitation to an exclusive sales event or a personalised newsletter is enclosed. In some of these cases, our clients move this element of their mailing from being polywrapped to envelope enclosed.

Unwrapped vs. wrapped mailings

Mail order companies now post most of their catalogues and brochures unwrapped or naked because they qualify for sustainable discounts which reduce overall postage costs.

It is obviously necessary to wrap mailings when inserts are used. The choice of how to wrap your mailing has never been wider.  Mailings can be polywrapped with traditional LDPE or a 100% home compostable, potato starch based alternative for example. Envelope enclosing is also an option. All of these outers can be plain or bespoke printed.

Remember postage costs

Postage represents the single largest direct mail campaign cost. There is a delicate balance between generating revenue from including the inserts and not exceeding the postage dimension and weight limits for a particular pricing band.

The future is bright for inserts

Whether you are mailing wrapped or unwrapped, polywrapped or envelope enclosed, LDPE or using 100% compostable potato starch alternative, here at ADM we can help you deliver first class results.

ADM can offer your organisation the following:

  • Focused and targeted insert enclosing at regional and postcode level
  • Selective enclosing
  • Camera matching for polywrapped or envelope enclosed mailings
  • Mixed weight mailings.

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