Fulfilment, envelope enclosing and polywrapping

Preparing your mailer for postage is an art in its own right – an art that begins in the planning. From size and weight, to personalising content for each cell we use our experience to guide you through every step of the fulfilment process.

Equipped to deliver

Over the years, we have sent out almost everything you can imagine – from 100,000 catalogues to 2.4 million magazines. One time, we even mailed a large batch of cricket balls.

Whatever your mailer, you can be sure it will arrive safely – in the right place at the right moment. Alongside hand-finishing, we have high-capacity enclosing and addressing lines, along with high-speed camera matching. If you have a tight deadline, it’s good to know we keep extra space in our schedules – so your last-minute jobs can run smoothly too.


Bravissimo bulk polywrapping and enclosing

“Their communication and organisation is first class, keen to work with all stakeholders to ensure each mailing is a success. We are working closely with Advanced Direct…