Royal Mail Price Increases Do Not Have To Mean Fewer Mailings

Royal Mail prices increases come into effect on 2nd January 2019 but it’s not all bad news. Royal Mail offer a range of discounts and incentives and by understanding and applying these discounts and incentives, the 2019 increases can be substantially reduced.

Postage is the single largest cost when mailing, typically representing half of the total, dwarfing data, print and personalisation expenditure.

Getting this right is your key to a cost effective direct mail project. The UK postage market is often compared to a jigsaw puzzle with every mailing having its own unique solution.

Royal Mail released details of their postal price increases on December 2nd with the new prices being charged from 2nd January 2019.

  • Publishing (for publications such as magazines) will be hit hardest with an 9% increase,
  • Business Mail (such as membership cards, statements etc) prices will rise by 5%, and
  • Admail prices (such as retail brochures) are set to rise by 3%.


Julie Ray, Client Services Director at ADM comments on the changes:

“There are no simple answers to finding the best postal solution for your organisation. There was no simple solution in 2018 and nothing simple is expected in 2019. We are quietly encouraged that with our care, knowledge, independence and support, ADM clients will substantially reduce the 2019 increases without having to dramatically reduce the number or frequency of their mailings. We are looking at all the new discounts, incentives and services available. As has been the case since de-regulation of the postal market, truly independent advise will be the key words. One size does not fit all”


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