Royal Mail incentives: Why it pays to know postage

I recently received a rather useful email from Royal Mail highlighting their current incentives and campaigns. It got me thinking about the challenges that companies looking to utilise these incentives face. I think because my day-to-day working life involves having an in-depth understanding of every incentive out there (so I can make sure my clients are getting the best deal possible) I forget that outside of my direct mail bubble, people might not know what is available to them.

There is also a common misunderstanding that I’m desperate to quash – that incentives are just an elaborate way for Royal Mail to hook you in and make you spend more money than you originally intended. This couldn’t be further from the truth, it really is a two-way street, you save money and Royal Mail have increased volumes of mail – win, win!

So, I thought it might be time to lay it all on the line, and give you a complete overview of the incentives and campaigns that Royal Mail offer and that I can help you to utilise.


First Time Users

This is a great incentive for people who either have never used Advertising Mail before or haven’t used it for 24 months or more, offering 20% postage discounts. Though it’s important to know that this discount only applies to bulk mailings (3 over a 12-month period) rather than one off mailouts.

We’ve had 6 clients benefit from this service, earning them great savings.


Testing & Innovation

Royal Mail offers a test and innovation scheme for all new Advertising Mailings, with between 15% and 30% discounts available. We currently have 12 clients in the process, I anticipate that the savings will be close to £250K.

Mail is sent over a 6-month period, meaning you can test anything including; different special offers, responses from a new set of prospects and which creative versions works best. This approach allows you time to change and adapt meaning you are getting maximum value from the lessons you’ve learnt. In real terms this can boost your ROI by a whopping 12% – not something to be sniffed at!


Scheme for Growth

This fantastic incentive does quite literally what it says on the tin – encouraging customers to send greater volumes of mail. To be eligible you need to be sending new, incremental advertising mail of 250k items or more, over a 12-month period.

Users will then be entitled to discounts on any items posted above the agreed baseline (determined by Royal Mail based on your historic Advertising Mail volumes). These discounts range from 2.5p on machine readable letters to 10.5p on heavy large letters off the Royal Mail price.


Advertising Mail Catalogue Scheme

This scheme is great if you are thinking of increasing the pages of your catalogues, upgrading to heavier, higher quality paper or perhaps toying with the idea of trialling an additional insert within the catalogue – essentially you can increase the weight of your mail without increasing the price.

The scheme aims to give users access to straight line pricing which keeps costs low, regardless of additions, for catalogues between 101 – 150 grams.

All pretty impressive you have to admit, but equally incredibly complicated. You have to know and understand absolutely every aspect of the incentives in order to make sure you are getting the best for your business, and it can be virtually impossible to become familiar with them all – believe me! I’ve spent years honing my knowledge and getting to understand every tiny nook and cranny of the Royal Mail incentive blackhole, and I can now quote them in my sleep!

So, let us review your direct mail programme. I’ll delve into your business requirements, and, in combination with my extensive knowledge of Royal Mail incentives, will guide you to the best, most cost-effective mailing solution for your company. We know the people to talk to, we’ve done the research, we really have it all covered.

Let us review your direct mail programme

I’d love to help you navigate the weird and wonderful world of incentives.


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