Aim for 100% Sustainable Mailings – Reduce Cardboard Waste

Here at ADM we’re proud of our commitment to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact.

We are constantly looking at ways to reduce waste and recycle as much as possible as part of our ISO14001 compliance. We are well known for being a provider of sustainable direct mail solutions. We pioneered the use of 100% compostable potato starch biowrap for magazine, catalogue, brochure and newsletter mailings.

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We continue to take management of our environmental responsibilities seriously. We are currently focussing on reducing our cardboard waste during the direct mail fulfilment process. Our Clients’ printed materials usually arrive in cardboard boxes on pallets.

Minimising waste and aiming for sustainable mailings is always the right thing to do but in the case of cardboard, the cost of collecting it and taking it away to be recycled has quadrupled.

The cost of cardboard waste collection is set to increase further now that countries in the Far East such as China and Malaysia are, understandably, no longer willing to process waste product from the UK.

Reducing cardboard waste – aim for 100% sustainable mailings

We don’t want to pass this recycling cost on to individual mail order and membership organisation clients. We are therefore proactively identifying alternatives to cardboard packaging and informing our clients where appropriate.

We suggest that printed marketing materials arrive at our direct mail fulfilment facility palletised and wrapped without cardboard packaging.

Reducing waste whether it’s cardboard, paper or LDPE is a win, win for everyone. Sustainable mailings can be achieved.

Achieve Sustainable Mailings

To learn more about reducing your packaging waste and finding alternatives, whether it’s cardboard, paper or LDPE, please get in touch today.

We can help you make your direct mail campaigns more sustainable.

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