Royal Mail Announce 2021 Wholesale Postage Price Increases

It’s that time of year again. Royal Mail price increases are unfortunately just around the corner despite the year we have all had!

2021 postal prices set to change on 4th January 2021

Full details of the new retail rates will be published at the beginning of December 2020.

As in the past, we get an early indication of what these increases will be when Royal Mail Wholesale Prices are published.

Royal Mail Wholesale Prices are the prices downstream access companies pay to inject post into the Royal Mail system.

Recently published wholesale prices
  • Average Subscription Mail (for publications such as magazines) will see an increase of 2.6%
  • Average Business Mail access prices (such as membership cards, statements, etc) prices will rise by 13% for letters and 8% for large letters.
  • Advertising Mail access prices (such as retail brochures) will rise by 3%.

There’s some good news though as Royal Mail is introducing a new Mailmark Economy service for letter formats which defers delivery of non-time-critical letters by up to 3 days.

Royal Mail is also expanding the scope of the Magazine Subscription Mail service, so it now includes the posting of large letters up to 25mm as manual items.

Mitigate the increases

Many of the price increases can be mitigated further and we will be discussing them with you in early 2021. These may include:

  • Tabbing naked mailings in a minimum of 4 places to receive Mailmark discounts (product dependant)
  • Mailmarking as many of your other mailings as possible
  • Identifying which other incentives and discounts you could qualify for.

Get in touch today

These are the percentage wholesale price increases but please get in touch to discuss how these will impact the actual prices of your 2021 mailing programme. We will show you how to mitigate the price increases and keep postal prices in check.


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