Reduce Royal Mail 2020 Price Increases

Royal Mail have now released their retail postage prices for 2020. The new prices will come into effect on 2nd January 2020 and are across all mailing weights.

Below is a summary of the percentage increases for each type of mail.

Royal Mail Price Increases 2020

Downstream Access companies such as Secured Mail, Citipost, Whistl and UK Mail pay the Royal Mail to inject mail into the Royal Mail system.

The increases mean there’s very little wiggle room between the postage prices Royal Mail and Downstream Access companies will charge.

Rest assured though. We’re up to speed of where there are discounts to be had to reduce these increases. We always find our clients the best possible mailing solution.

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These are the percentage price increases but please get in touch to discuss how these will impact the actual prices of your 2020 mailing programme. We will show you how to mitigate the price increases and keep postal prices in check.


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