Mitigate Royal Mail Postage Price Increases


Royal Mail price increases are unfortunately just around the corner again. We completely understand how challenging it is for many of you at the moment. Rest assured we’re here to help find ways to mitigate these increases.

Postal prices set to change on 1st January 2021

Full details of the new retail rates have been published by Royal Mail for all Marketing Services and General Correspondence products. These include:

  • Royal Mail Advertising Mail
  • Royal Mail Business Mail
  • Subscription Mail (effective 4th January 2021)
  • Royal Mail Publishing Mail
  • Partially Addressed Mail.

Details of the price increases for each product can be found on the Royal Mail website here.

Some good news!

There’s some good news though. Royal Mail is introducing a new Mailmark Economy service for letter formats which defers delivery of non-time-critical letters by up to 3 days.

Royal Mail is also expanding the scope of the Magazine Subscription Mail service.  It now includes the posting of large letters up to 25mm as manual items.

Mitigate the increases

Many of the price increases can be mitigated further and we will be discussing them with you in early 2021. These focus on finding the best Royal Mail product to use, reducing waste, and targetting your mail so you can enjoy a better return on your investment.

Solutions include:

  • Tabbing naked mailings in a minimum of 4 places to receive Mailmark discounts (product dependant)
  • Mailmarking as many of your other mailings as possible
  • Identifying which other incentives and discounts you could qualify for
  • Conducting thorough cleanses of your customer or membership data.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you mitigate the increases

Get in touch today to discuss how these will impact the actual prices of your 2021 mailing programme. We will show you how to mitigate the price increases and keep postal prices in check.


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