Local MP Praises ADM’s Biodegradable Wrapping Innovation

Since Blue Planet was aired on the BBC, there has been a surge in interest in making mailings more environmentally friendly but unfortunately, some local councils are not doing all they can to support this progress.

Here at ADM we now offer the option of a biodegradable, compostable wrapping made from potato starch as an alternative to the usual single-use plastic wrapping associated with direct mail. Whilst such plastics can be recycled, reliance is placed on the end user to put it in their recycle bins and for local authorities to actually process it properly.

The National Trust, UNISON, the Women’s Institute, RSPB and English Heritage now use this environmentally friendly wrapping for their membership magazines. Despite there being growing appetite for other retailers and membership organisations to follow suit, there are inconsistencies in how local councils deal with the wrapping. Some are removing the compostable wrapping from garden waste bins.

In a bid to address this problem, ADM invited local MP, Mike Wood, to show him the biodegradable wrapping and bring to his attention that not all local councils know what the wrapping looks like and that it should be left in the green bins to be composted. We hope he will now be able to raise this issue with the relevant Local Government representatives.

With reference to the biodegradable wrapping, Mike Wood MP commented,

“This is a brilliant initiative and it’s a bold step in the right direction to allow ADM’s customers to become more sustainable and green with their direct mailing.”

Julie Ray, ADM’s Client Services Director added:

“Here at ADM we have been working hard alongside our clients and suppliers to find mail wrapping solutions which result in less waste going into landfill. It was a pleasure to demonstrate our commitment to offering our clients environmentally friendly mailing solutions to Mike whilst also highlighting some of the obstacles facing the industry such as the inconsistency in local council composting of biodegradable packaging. We will also be contacting a number of local councils to inform them about the potato starch wrapping specifications and how it can be composted safely and with confidence.”



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