Latest Update: Helping our Clients Through These Extraordinary Times

It has been a busy week here at ADM – lots of phone calls with our membership organisation and mail order clients discussing their next mailing and how best to adapt to the current situation.

It’s certainly not doom and gloom

We have seen a number of our mail order retailer clients talk to us about moving their next mailing to a postcard format rather than brochure or catalogue. Postcards are a cost-effective way of directing new and existing customers to a website together with a personalised discount code.

Food retailers are busy

We work with a number of high profile food retailers and they are, as you can imagine, seeing a huge increase in orders. Some of our clients at Codestorm, our e-commerce fulfilment sister company, are experiencing a 1000% increase in order volumes!

People are still thinking about holidays

Travel restrictions may be in place at the moment but that hasn’t stopped a travel company getting in touch to start planning their brochure mailings for next year. We are all certainly looking forward to when we can go on holiday again!

Tabbing – a cost-effective way of sending brochures and catalogues

A number of clients are keen to move to tabbed mailings from their current mailing formats. Tabbed mailings do not require an outer wrap such as an envelope, paper wrap, LDPE polywrap or 100% compostable potato starch wrap making them a sustainable direct mail option.

We are currently working closely with Royal Mail and are trialling tabbed mailings solutions which will be fully machinable through Royal Mail’s system in the near future. Once we have achieved this, tabbed mailings are likely to qualify for Mailmark discounts making them a cost-effective and sustainable mailing option for so many of our clients. We will be providing regular progress updates.

We take our responsibilities seriously at ADM

The health and safety of our colleagues are of huge importance to us. Where possible staff are currently working from home and we are running two 11 hour shifts to maximise social distancing and have an hour in between shifts for a thorough cleandown.

We can help you through these challenging times

Get in touch today to discuss your next mailing campaign and see how we can work together to deliver first class results. Email us at or call 01384 215 790.


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