ADM Offers Clients New and Improved Potato Starch Mailing Wrap

As you know, since 2018, we have been leading the way in the use of potato starch mailing wrap for magazine and catalogue mailings. Our first client to use the 100% biodegradable and 100% home compostable film wrapping was National Trust. It was a big success!

Many other clients followed National Trust’s lead including RSPB, UNISON and the WI who soon moved over to this biowrap. The original potato starch wrap was cloudy and as a result Royal Mail’s machines struggled to read the 2D Mailmark barcode printed on the magazine or carrier sheet. It therefore did not automatically qualify for Royal Mail Mailmark discounts….

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Cath Phillips

ADM’s in-house print buyer

….until now.

In a bid to improve both the look and functionality of this biowrap, we have been working closely with Royal Mail and the manufacturers of the potato starch wrap, Alfaplas, to test potato starch based wrapping solutions.

We have fed back our clients’ and Royal Mail’s feedback to Alfaplas resulting in the evolution of this product into one which exceeds the expectations of our clients and Royal Mail.

BioMail introduced by Alfaplas

We trialled the use of BioMail from Alfaplas which is clearer and less opaque than the original wrap, Bioplast 300, and the Royal Mail machinery could read the 2D Mailmark barcode through it! As a result it now automatically qualifies for Royal Mail Mailmark discounts.

We are delighted to announce that ADM is the largest user of BioMail in the UK. It is available to all our clients whether they are membership organisations or mail order retailers. They can further reduce their postage costs when sending large letter mailings such as membership magazines, catalogues or brochures.

BioMail Samples
  • BioMail contains potato starch, a by-product of potato chip and crisp manufacturing industry in Northern and Eastern Europe
  • It is fully biodegradable and compostable according to EN 13432
  • It has also achieved the OK Compost HOME certification awarded by TÜV Austria
  • It is fully machinable within Royal Mail and allows for automated sorting
  • Mailings wrapped with BioMail do qualify for Royal Mail Mailmark discounts.

We have worked tirelessly alongside ADM to produce a clearer version called BioMail, our Home compostable film, that meets Royal Mail’s stringent guidelines for Mailmark postage approval. This has been achieved without compromising the home compostability of the wrap.


Malcolm Atkinson, Alfaplas Managing Director.

So what are the benefits of using BioMail potato starch wrapping?

Clearly, the most obvious advantage is the reduced reliance on LDPE plastic wrapping. There are no plasticisers or toxins in the starch-based wrapper and as a result, it is 100% biodegradable and fully compostable. It is therefore more environmentally friendly than its plastic alternatives.

The potato starch wrap can be disposed of both in home composting bins, or where accepted by local authorities, in food waste recycling or green bins. Given that recycling facilities vary between local authorities, too much household waste still unfortunately ends up in landfill. On a positive note, should potato starch wrap find its way into landfill, it will still compost but will just take a bit longer.

ADM's 10 reasons to choose BioMail potato starch wrap for your next direct mail campaign.

  • Strong and durable
  • Printable
  • Clear and transparent
  • Lightweight
  • Sustainable
  • Cost-effective
  • Works for Letters and Large Letters such as brochures, magazines, handbooks, newsletters
  • Allows for multiple inserts including third party inserts
  • Machinable within Royal Mail
  • It qualifies for Mailmark discounts.

Achieve Sustainable and Cost-effective Mailings

With BioMail, mailings can be sustainable and cost-effective as the qualify for Royal Mail Mailmark discounts.

To move your mailings over to BioMail call us on 01384 215790 or email


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