Back to Business with Advertising Mail Incentives

Royal Mail has introduced a further incentive to help Britain get back to business.

The COVID-19 Back to Business Incentive aims to help customers boost their trading activity as lockdown restrictions are eased.

The incentive applies to Advertising Mail across all sectors and is one of the many incentives available from Royal Mail.

Royal Mail defines Advertising Mail as ‘mailings that comprise a largely uniform message to all addresses, with the purpose of promoting the sale or use of products or services, or to encourage contribution to, or support of a cause’.

This incentive is not just for retailers though – Membership Organisations and Charities can also apply for their fundraising and acquisition mailings to qualify. These organisations should already be using Advertising Mail for such mailings.

Royal Mail Back to Business Incentive Facts

  • Qualifying items include:
    • Mailmark Advertising Mail
    • Responsible & Partially Addressed Letters
    • Mailmark Large Letters up to 750g. (Including postcards).
  • Letters posted as Unwrapped or Polywrapped are eligible for Manual and 1400 discounts.
  • The incentive covers two periods, July to September 2020 and October to December 2020.
  • Volumes must be posted between 29th June and 24th December 2020.
  • Postage credits are paid into a customers’ credit account or as a credit voucher.
  • Credits are valid for 12 months and are to be used against future mailings.
  • Customers must post at least 50,000 incremental items to qualify for the Back to Business incentive up to a maximum of 10 million items per quarter.
  • Businesses that can commit to mailing a minimum of 2.5 million incremental items per quarter may qualify for the “Back to Business Extra” incentive. Discounts are greater for these higher volumes.
  • Applications must be submitted before 14 August 2020 if applying for the first period, and 25 September 2020 for the second.

Finding the right incentive for your next mailing

As with all the incentives, there are restrictions and some customers’ mailings won’t qualify.

A somewhat complicated formula is used to determine qualification and, as a result, some mailings won’t qualify. There is no need to despair though, as we can help you find the right incentive for your particular mailing.

Julie Ray, ADM Client Services Director

Just because a mailing doesn’t qualify for this particular incentive, it doesn’t mean our clients have to post at full cost – there are so many other incentives and discounts out there such as (TIS) Testing and Innovation Discounts and COVID-19 Open for Business Incentives.


For example, several of our clients whose mailings were hit hard by the lockdown restrictions, unfortunately, didn’t qualify for the Back to Business Incentive. This was because the minimum baseline volume at which they would receive the credit was unachievable. They only wanted to test the water, not embark on large mailing campaigns. We did, however, achieve cost savings for them all by successfully applying for TIS discounts instead.


Here at ADM we are in constant touch with Royal Mail and successfully achieve discounts for our clients on an ongoing basis. It is always satisfying when we help our clients qualify for an incentive as we know that it can have a significant impact on postage costs and help them rebuild their business.

Let us help you find the right incentive for your next mailing

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