2019’s Top Tips for Successful Direct Mail Campaigns

Every day we see our clients execute successful direct mail marketing campaigns across a wide range of industry sectors. Direct mail campaigns are like a jigsaw puzzle. All the pieces fit together to form the full picture.

Direct Mail Postage Costs

Direct mail postage represents the lion’s share of total campaign costs so whether you’re a membership organisation or mail order retailer looking to get first class results, ADM’s top tip from 2019 is get the postage part of the direct mail puzzle right. 

All the other parts of the puzzle impact postage so successful clients think about these at all stages of the campaign process. Whilst this may sound daunting there are some quick wins, allowing you to reduce postage costs whilst maximising your return on investment.

Maximise your data’s potential and extract the most value possible

Maximising the amount of personalisation within a mailing will increase engagement and improve its return on investment.

Using both customer and transitional data together can be very exceptionally powerful. It allows you to maximise the amount of personalisation available to you.

It’s important to take a pragmatic view though – know your data’s limits and make the most out of what you have available whether that’s customer data, transactional data or a combination of the two.

When you do this, you can take advantage of solutions such as Selective Mailings where certain inserts or onserts form part of the mailing based on the recipient’s preferences. For example, a recipient with a young family will receive inserts relevant to their lifestyle while an older recipient will receive inserts relevant to them.

Don’t discard your customer data because of GDPR

So many of our clients have been worried that GDPR means they can no longer mail their customers, members or supporters unless they have consented or that legitimate interest has been established.

Customer Data GDPRThis is not necessarily the case if mailings are sent Partially Addressed. This is where the recipient’s name is replaced with a generic title such as “The household” or “Supporter”.  Partially addressed sits outside GDPR. It is a standard addressed advertising mail product that identifies customers using sophisticated targeting options without the use of personalised data. Recipients from your database can be mailed without any of the personal information GDPR covers.

Consider changing your mailing’s format so it qualifies for the Royal Mail MailMark discounts

Royal Mail MailMark is here to stay. It is a 2D barcode based technology where a 2D barcode is added to the mailed item. This barcode is then scanned as the mail passes through the system. As the mail goes through Royal Mail’s system, they read the barcodes and generate a personal report which be accessed online to check exactly what’s happening with the mail. This gives greater visibility and understanding of when the mailing will be delivered.

Royal Mail MailMark Example Barcode

MailMark is perfect for smaller mailings such as brochures weighing under 100 grams. Typically, the cost to post each MailMarked item is 17% lower. To qualify for the lower price the mailing must be machinable and closed.

If you’re looking to reduce your postage costs, changing your mailing format so qualifies for the MailMark discounts will make a huge difference. So many of our clients have done this and we can help you to qualify for MailMark discounts too. We can also help you avoid Mailmark surcharges for letters and large letters.

Seek independent advice and the right solutions

Remember that every decision you make can impact postage costs. For a successful direct mail marketing campaign think about postage at all stages of the process, not just the end.

Truly independent postage advice is crucial. The choices are Royal Mail, a Downstream Access provider such as Secured Mail, UK Mail or Whistl or a combination of the two. Some mailing houses only offer postage from one provider so it makes sense to work with a mailing house who can find you the best possible deal.

It’s also vital that your mailing house has the capabilities to offer selective and tabbed mailings if you want to increase your return on investment through personalisation and qualify for MailMark discounts.

As a leading mailing service provider, ADM’s approach is to be a critical friend and trusted adviser to our customers. We offer a holistic view of your mailing, from the initial concept through good design, sound advice on print and paper procurement and finishing your project, using the best most cost-effective method of mailing.


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